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Det Nye Nr. 14 // 2014

I’m sharing my budget shopping tips in the recent issue of Det Nye! So fun! I’m very thankful for that they chose to feature me. The magazine has been in the shelves for a couple of weeks now, so you might need to hurry if you want to read it.

Photos by me for KRSby

I came along as photographer to visit Kristina Kobbeltvedt Fuentes closet for KRSby the other day. She has a beautiful minimalistic style, focusing on quality and brands such as Acne, Alexander Wang and FWSS to mention some. Take a look at the pictures I took, and the interview with her (in Norwegian) here.

All photos by me. Most of them taken for KRSby

Bits of summer. As I dug into work as a journalist for KRSby all summer, most of my pictures from this period were work related. I attended concerts, took pictures of artists, of the audience and so on. I also had some streetstyle features. I just love bringing my camera around, getting to meet and capture all these interesting people.


BikBok top | Now and Then jeans | Mango purse | Vans leopard

Those of you who follow me on instagram (@Lenarf) might have seen this already. It’s from early summer, when I attended a garden party in Oslo. During summer I’ve had all my clothes stacked up in the living room due to renovation in my apartment. Rotating on a couple of jeans, shorts, basic tees and sweaters haven’t really been update worthy. Finally things are starting to get back on track. It feels great!

My friend and colleague, Penny, looking good while covering the Odderøya Live festival together with me. Actually my childhood heroes, Backstreet Boys, were playing this day.

I’ve had a great summer. I got to cover events like this, with music and loads of people. More pictures to come.

Picture by me | for KRSby

I’m working for a new online magazine focusing on young people in my birth city Kristiansand, named KRSby. As I love streetstyle so much, I was more than happy to do an article featuring some local fashionistas. Hopefully I will make another one soon. One of my favorites was this look by Hawi. I dig her ethnic scarf, and the way she has mixed prints and textures. Plus – she’s a stunning beauty.

Check out more looks in my post here.

Indiska tunic | H&M belt and rings | Mango purse |  Jeffrey Campbell boots

Pictures by Ruben Silva

I cashed in a week of vacation before going to work all summer. I’m going to have the best job though, working for a new urban magazine named KRSby, covering local news concerning people between 15 and 35, which means that I’ll attend concerts, write about fashion, interview cool young people. I look forward to it. But until then I’ve hid up in our family cabin near the sea to boost up before yet another amazing summer.

H&M blazer, rings and purse | Weekday pants | BikBok top | Mango shoes

My favorite spring thing is all the blossoming cherry trees decorating the city in pink and white. I like watching nature come back to life around this time of year. I’m a nature nerd. During my early child years my mother studied biology. She used to take me and my brother out to the beach, in the woods and so on, to teach us about different types of plant, animal and bird species. We even learnt which song that belongs to each type of bird. I loved it!

I have a bunch of things going on. Finals, getting drivers licence, renovating the porch, kitchen and bedroom. I look forward to finishing at least one of those things, so that I get time to breathe (and blog) again.

H&M purse

Suddenly all these gorgeous purses are popping up at H&M. The latest I’ve added is this one. I wanted some light purse action, as 90% of the ones I have are black, which is the ongoing trend for the rest of my closet. I’m still in a refurbishment process, which means I have access to maximum 5% of my wardrobe. I wear items on a roll, and the same outfits basically all the time. It’s a comfortable, yet boring lifestyle. Not much to see, really.

Also I’ve been working on one of my final projects before I can collect a bachelor degree in journalism, putting life on pause. A lot of hard work, but hopefully it will pay off in the end.

Secondhand skirt and belt | H&M top

I’ve been scrolling through my pictures from my visit to Kenya and Tanzania this weekend, and then I came across these. In order to respect the people in these countries, I always dressed appropriately not to offend any one. Especially when we were on the country side. So I wore a lot of long skirts and dresses, and tried to cover up my shoulders as often as possible. This pic was taken after driving through Serengeti, heading back to Arusha. That’s why there’s a bit of shoulder action here. When going abroad social codes can be hard to pick up on, so I try to be on the safe side, and there after observe how people around me dress.

Picture by me

Creepers belong to my favorite footwear file. I have a crush on anything out of the ordinary, I think. I would want the lower version for myself, but I think these platform ones suit Kariann very well. This is one of my favorite fashion pictures that I’ve shot. I think it has something to do with the concrete, the red and the green colors of the rose, and all the leather activity. A lot of textures and depth.

Pictures: Herlige hjem

I’m absorbing everything I find on interior. I fell in love when I landed on the facebook page of the norwegian interior TV-show named Herlige hjem. This is excactly the kind of style I want for my future home. A mix of old and modern in neutral comfortable colors, and different textures like wood, steel, stone, cloth and glass. Does any of you know where I can get glass bottles as the ones in the first picture? I love that idea.

Instagram: @Lenarf 

Some instalate(ly)s. The upper cornered one to the left is from fall, and the one to the right is from my camp view in Serengeti, Tanzania in December. We slept in a tent in the middle of the wilderness, the territory of wild lions, leopards, elephants, hippos and zebras. It was my second time being there. I didn’t feel tough though, waking up to the sound of a huge buffalo grunting and leaning towards our tent wall, or when I heard the hyenas howl, and the lions rawr in the dark. We were protected by maasai guards like Sambeke, and our tent walls. Luckily our tents were large, like small apartments with toilets, showers and two beds. It was a surreal experience.

All pictures belong to Astrid Helen

I start the weekend by sharing a blog tip with you. Astrid Helen from Norway is one girl to follow! I’ve always been envying those who are naturally bad ass. The kind of people who have this attidtude that comes along very natural to them. When I came across Astrid Helens blog I was hooked right from the start. I especially like her creative way of showing blog content, with rad pictures. She’s definitely worth your time, so check her out here.

eBay eagle necklace

It’s not really the Camilla Prytz necklace that I’ve been eyeing, and can never afford, but it’s an eagle. And it cost me $5 instead of $685. I love eagles, and I love the idea of eagle jewelry. It’s my favorite bird. They look so majestic when they cruise around in the sky, with their large wings, solid body and their sharp vision. The king of the air.

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