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My summer


I have had a briliant summer over at Sørlandsstil. I will continue blogging there, but I will try my best to update every once in a while here with things for you to read. I’m actually moving to Oslo now, where there will be a lot of images taken which I can’t share on the other local blog.

Anywho, heres a peek of what I’ve been up to the past months. Hopefully I can do some posts of this style here at Elenita as well. It all depends on how much time I have on my hands.


PS: If you decide to lend some of these images, then credit Sørlandsstil (http://blogg.fvn.no/sorlandsstil). Thank you!


I went to festivals like Hove, Palmesus, Supersonic and Odderøya Live. Here are some pictures I shot at the Hove festival:


And a few from Supersonic:


I did some DIY projects, and made a head chain, leg chain and a floral head band to mention some:


In the local city, and at the festivals I met a lot of stylish people which I documented with my camera for our streetstyle section:


I also visited some azing local girls which have gorgeous style. First out is Maren (Click here to view more of her style):


Kristina (Click here to view more of her style):


Kariann (Click here to view more of her style):


And of course I posted some of my own summer looks:

PS: If you decide to lend some of these images, then CREDIT SØRLANDSSTIL (HTTP://BLOGG.FVN.NO/SORLANDSSTIL) Thank you!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer, and I cross my fingers hoping to see you here in the future as well. I’m sorry for the poor blogging during this summer. I haven’t had any time on my hands except for the time spent on the other blog.

10 Responses to “My summer”

  1. Christine says:

    Fineste Lena! kom deg til Oslo med en gang, det blir brabrabra!

  2. vasilieva says:

    these are just coolest shots ever. awesomeness


  3. Alice says:

    Lovely pictures, so many gorgeous clothes and outfits.

  4. Such amazing photos! You’ve captured the moments beautifully!

  5. Den blomsterkransen var fiiiiin!


  6. Gaby says:

    omg literally like 15-20 minutes because of my slow internet collection to download all the pictures in the page, but totally worth it!! Really interesting and beautiful pictures.

  7. Mariam says:

    Amazing coverage of your summer! I love the yellow dress – looks so pretty on you! The red dress looks stunning and so is the makeup and the curls!

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