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Reversed coat

H&M x Maison Martin Margiela reversed coat | Monki knit | H&M beanie and turtleneck | Gina Trocot jeans |  Økonomisko boots

Finally I found someone to take outfit photos. Huge thanks to Katrine. My definite favorite from the MMM x H&M collection was this reversed coat in the men’s department. And now it’s hanging in my closet. When the temperatures aren’t too low this is a good and more fashionable alternative to my down jackets. I wore it out today, and it kept me warm the whole time. Temperatures in Oslo have been crazy the last weeks, and they have generally been around -10 degrees. Anyway I’m trying to keep up the spirit as December is one of my favorite months. Spring will be here soon enough.

8 Responses to “Reversed coat”

  1. Hvilken størrelse kjøpte du jakken i? Utsolgt for s, men lurte på om den kunne passet i medium.

  2. Sarah says:

    Great look, love the coat!

  3. Hilde says:

    Så fin og vinterfresh du er!

  4. veronica says:

    What a coat. Var ikke klar over at jeg gikk glipp av den en gang;( Fikk ikke med meg at den var en del av kolleksjonen:/

  5. Coco says:

    Nice! What size is the coat you’re wearing?
    I want to buy the coat but i’m not sure what size.

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