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All black

H&M hat and skirtĀ | Gina Tricot knit | Cheap Monday boots | Pieces purse

Basically I do the oposite of the usual. Instead of wearing similar outfits, and change accessory and shoes, I wear the same accessory and shoes, and change my outfits around them. Haha. I still keep my shoes and purses in boxes and bags after moving. Most of them are summer shoes. Yeah yeah, nothing wrong about that though. But I feel like breaking the habit soon. Another thing I live in these days are chunky turtle neck knits. They are too comfy and warm not to choose.

4 Responses to “All black”

  1. enni says:

    This outfit is a killer, you look so good! The knit is super nice. Is it 100% acrylic though? I’ve been looking for one similar to that but made out of wool or thick cotton…

    • Lena says:

      Yes, it is acrylic, sadly. I’m looking for one in wool or cotton myself. But as this one was very cheap I thought I’d wear this until I find something better.

  2. June says:

    Superfint antrekk :)

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