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Way Magazine

H&M striped blazer | Mom’s jumpsuit | Fashionology necklaces | Dad’s belt | Office boots

Part one of some shots I was featured with in Way Magazine, a Chinese mag, under the theme Parents Vintage. Thank you Stella Cheng! I will show you the digital version of the feature when posting part two.

My Mom actually made this jumpsuit herself back in the 80′s. She had a car which she crashed. For the insurance money she got herself a bike instead.  Later on someone stole her bike, and for the money she then got she bought a sewing machine. In this period she made a lot of clothes herself, including this jumpsuit. I must say she did an excellent job. It fits me like a hand in a glove.

30 Responses to “Way Magazine”

  1. dreamylacey says:

    you are lucky to be able to take thenclothes of your mother. mine and I have very different size…
    Nice outfit!!!


  2. modedamour says:

    Beautiful outfit, I love the striped blazer


  3. Stella Cheng says:

    Hey Elenita,
    So Glad that you like it!
    Your outfits are really fantastic!

  4. Den blazeren til H&M er fab!! :D

  5. Great!! I have the same blazer :P And congrats on the Way feature!

  6. Anna says:

    congrats, sounds like a lot of fun. Great jumpsuit, your mum did well ;)


  7. Faridah says:

    Gorgeous outfit. So fresh.

  8. Drea says:

    Digger det virkelig! Elsker blazeren. :)

  9. LH says:

    congrats ! love the entire outift !

  10. Georgia says:

    Yeah, my mum made clothes too, although she’s reluctant to part with them..
    I love the blazer, a slight preppy look
    It would be mine

  11. agnes says:

    looking good! saw that blazer at H&M loved it too! looks great on ya!

  12. Victoire says:

    another perfect look of yours. its so balanced and works amazingly well. and i love the belt and blazer :)


  13. Shini says:

    omg I LOVE that story, SO SWEEET… I can just seee that evolution, from car to bike to sewing machine!!
    YOu looks great, love how you paired it with stripeys :D


  14. frickys says:

    Love it! Perfect jacket for this jumpsuit!

  15. Fashion Fan says:

    great blazer! LOVE IT!

  16. Sue says:

    love your outfit!!!

  17. Alina says:

    You are amazing. Wonderful outfit!

  18. Hanka says:

    I also like to borrow from my mother’s (father’s, boyfriend’s…) wardrobe, hehe. Nice outfit and brilliant choice of background. But this isn’ t a typical Norwegian 17th May outfit, is it? :-)

  19. Hanka says:

    Oh.. And I’ve been dying of curiosity wanting to know what you wore on the 17th.. :-))

    Ha en fin kveld!

    • Lena says:

      I’m sorry to disappoint you then by telling that I was inside studying the entire day. Unless I would have worn a bunad :) Ha en fin kveld du også!

  20. Mariam says:

    Love this ensemble! The jumpsuit looks so sturdy, I am guessing your mom was a really skilled seamstress. I love how you paired the black jumpsuit with a striped blazer. So chic!

  21. caylee says:

    perfect look lena. love how that’s your mom’s jumpsuit! and i really like how the brown belt elevates this whole outfit! i have this same jacket, and i may have to try it with a brown belt soon =)

  22. Iida says:

    lovely outfit! love that jacket ♥

  23. Suzanne says:

    gorgeous, amazing wedges and i love that blazer

  24. I love your jacket really cute.. I wanna try that one day. I am sick of black

  25. Bilymu says:

    Your looks are amazing
    Just what i like!

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