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Way Magazine 2

 H&M tunic | Parents shirt | Fashionology.nl bracelet | Lindex bag | Sam Edelman boots

You can view the full feature here. I can’t say if this shirt belongs to my Mom or Dad as they bought the same shirt when they were popular in the 80s. Most of the clothes they have saved are from that decade due to space problems when moving around in their younger days. My Dad was fashion interested just like me when he was younger, while my Mom.. not so much. And she’s still not. So I have nobody to understand, and support, my the ever growing need for new shoes.

35 Responses to “Way Magazine 2”

  1. .sabo skirt. says:

    We love your denim look shirt opened up like that. And we ADORE the Sam Edelman wedge boots <3

    xx .sabo skirt.


  2. Anna-Maria says:

    Heheh, I remember those denim shirts in the 80′s and when I went to high school the mid 90′s they had become a unfashionable and a true sign of a hillbilly. It’s funny how your mind changes with fashion, now I’ve started to like them again after all these years. :) Congrats for the feature!

  3. FlashFash says:

    Love the tunic and the detail on the front! Great outfit.


  4. Hanka says:

    Your father was interested in fashion? How cool is that!! My parents have no idea that something like fashion or style even exists. But they have other good interests :-)

    - Nice outfit with summerfeeling, I just love the tunic. And great hair!

  5. these pictures are absolutely gorgeous =) I love the first one (you look so adorable!)
    the light is realy nice… it gives a very soft atmosphere to the picture.
    Plus, I love your outfit : your shoes are CRAZY!
    Don’t worry, even if your mom doesn’t understand your need for shoes… I do! (<= what a support!)

  6. Susanna says:

    We support you :-)

  7. cornelia says:

    I loove your shoes

  8. Las Lolicas says:

    Love the outfit so much!!!!You looks great!!!!!


  9. KÍA says:

    Love your hair and those booties wow

  10. Marissa says:

    Love your style!

  11. Fashion Fan says:

    cute dress! and you look amazing!

  12. LH says:

    neither of my parent were interested in fashion when they were younger, i wish they were. so i could raide their closet ;P

  13. luz says:

    now i have seen your response!!!


    thank u soooo much

  14. Ann-Kristin says:

    Love the outfit ;)

  15. Congrats for the feature! If only my mum had kept her (amazing) clothes from the 70s :-)

  16. butterfly307 says:

    love your hair here!! :)

  17. megannielsen says:

    Don’t worry, we understand the need for more shoes. always more shoes! And by the way, I love how you paired that shirt with the romper, it’s such a cute look

  18. Mariam says:

    Love your light blue denim shirt!

  19. Sue says:


  20. caylee says:

    gorgeous, and so simple, just the way i like it. i love a good denim shirt and the fact that yours is vintage makes it even cooler.
    and lol, i feel your pain! i mean, my mom loves clothes and shopping, but not as much as i do, and we have totallyl different tastes. at least with blogging, we can connect with our fellow fashion addicts!

  21. frickys says:

    There is nothing similar to this amazing shirt nowadays!

  22. Ane Kamilla says:

    Så søtt antrekk:)

  23. Orchid says:

    wow such a casual carefree outfit…makes yoo look so cool…love the whole outfit.cheers!!!

  24. Insomnia says:

    I’m glad my mom is fashion addicted too, I got it from her.
    You look fabs!

  25. Francesca c says:

    The tunic is fantastic!!!!

  26. Helen says:

    gorgeous look girl! the tunic is great!

    helen x

  27. I love your style and your website!
    I’ll be back,

  28. megan says:

    I really really love this look! So gorgeous! I love the tunic and the shirt worn open. Oh and I love the shoes….well I guess I just love it all!

    Love, Megan

  29. Elena says:

    Your blog are great. I’ve always loved your sense of fashion :)

    - Elena Elise

  30. KÍA says:

    flawless photo

  31. Féfé says:

    Hello can you say me the collection of your he et m tunic??? So you are very beautiful !! Thanks

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