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Few things beat an african sunset. The glowing, radiant sun reflecting over read earth. These pictures were taken by the road. The first man is standing along the roadside selling maize. In Nairobi you find a lot of people walking by the roads, and you find a lot of Coca Cola signs. Too bad I didn’t get the entire painted Coca Cola logo on the hut in the last picture.

Zara dress | Cubus necklaces

This is sort of how I feel today. Woke up with a cold. My body is aching, my head feels like it’s going to explode, and my throat is burning. I feel trapped inside my home, and trapped inside a non-working body.

During winter, late november of 2012, I started working at H&M in Oslo. With Trend and every other H&M-goodie aviable to an affordable price around me every day, naturally my wardrobe grew. Mainly 2013 was the year of H&M wardrobe. Though I wore other items as well.

My time off was mainly spent inside watching Sons of Anarchy. Haha. It sounds very sad. But dark times, with work every day, going outside feels less tempting. Of course, I met some friends every now and then.

Along came spring, and I crawled out of my bed nest. It’s so amazing when the light is back, and the surroundings come back to life. People and nature. I embraced the cropped top trend. I still do.

From spring to summer. I made a lot of new Oslo-friends. But still I decided to go back to Kristiansand the coming fall to finish my studies. I took a summer break from blogging and everything. I needed it very much, to just focus on family and friends. But the rest of my looks was posted on Instagram @Lenarf.

Fall came with mild weather. I waved good bye to Oslo, and met up with friends in Kristiansand again. Then I isolated for a while to work hard on a school project. Right after the finish line I went back to Kenya/Tanzania on a university trip to learn more about culture studies.

My winter was spent in the warm weather. I mainly took pictures of others. The surroundings in Kenya/Tanzania are spectacular. I came home sick. So I’m gathering energy to take on another year with fun projects and experiences. I prefer a busy lifestyle, with many things going on. So we’ll see how 2014 will be. I’m excited!

 Bella Donna vintage post cards

My apartment is being renovated these days, so I have my head filled with interior ideas. Mainly I will fill it with IKEA furniture as it suits my wallet size better. But small details will give it a more personal look anyway. I recently purchased a stack of cards from Bella Donna vintage. I love their interior idea, with classic cards hanging on a thread with clothespins. I will definitely copy that one. I wish I had the bad ass wall paper as well..

Secondhand dress

In my mid teens I used to hang a lot with people from Chile, and I soon gained the nickname blanca nieves, meaning snow white (in addition to Elenita, which explains the blog name). Naturally this was due to my pale skin tone. Today I woke up to a snow storm outside, and I felt restless, wanting to do some photography outside. I ended up doing some quick portraits with this dress that I found while thrifting some years back, with the theme snow white.

This picture was taken while the wild leopard in Serengeti was walking right underneath our car. I was hanging with my head over the roof gap, photographing, and suddenly realizing that the window next to my feet was open. My feet were only few centimetres from the crossing leopard. Few times have I been as scared as I was those seconds. Luckily the leopard kept on walking to hide behind another car, probably using it as cover while hunting for dinner.

Theresa is 23 years old, lives in an rural village named Nyichoca with her mother and her son. Her greatest dream is to pay for her childs education, so that he can grow up with better opportunities. She is incredible warm as a person, and a true beauty, with so much grace and elegance to her

I love african clothing, and in Tanzania a lot of women wear these tailored pieces that you can see on Theresa, concisting of a skirt and a top. If I had more time in urban areas I would get one custom made for myself. Next time I’ll make sure I get time for that.

Secondhand belt and african dress | Lindex sandals

This was my second time to visit Tanzania, and I believe it won’t be my last. I’m in love with this country, with it’s hospitality, friendliness and warm hearts. Not least do they have amazing nature and culture there, that I feel lucky to have gotten the opportunity to learn more about. I’ve been living in village areas in Tanzania and Kenya, seen Lake Victoria, traveled on safari through Serengeti, and had some days in Arusha, one of the larger cities in Tanzania, and in Nairobi – the capitol city of Kenya. I have so many stories to tell, and fond memories that I keep close to my heart.

I purchased this african dress two years ago, the last time I visited Tanzania. I’m very fund of it. It’s also perfect to wear there as the light cotton makes it feel less hot, and the dress is in an appropriate length. This picture was shot inside Serengeti national park, by the hippo pool.

Kibera | Nairobi, Kenya

Fun with such a great response for the KappAhl giveaway. I’ve randomly picked two winners, by using a random number generator. The winners are Ida H., who get to choose a set of underwear, and Chalotte who will recieve a goodiebag. Congratulations! You will recieve a mail during the following days with details.

These pictures were shot after biking 8 kilometers on a rocky road in the savanna, with a gorgeous view at the Devils gate in Nairobi. After that we went hiking up and down mountains, and climbed in waterfalls to see the devils bedroom. I’ll show more pictures from that later. It was an amazing experience. In the first picture I’m very excited to have come out of it all alive. Haha. Hello gym!

Photos by me

In Nairobi there are beautiful flowers to be seen everywhere, on the ground, in the trees, in bushes. The tree outside of where we stay is such a stunner. All the pictures in this post are from that tree. First one looking up from the ground, and third portraying the leaves lying underneath it. Sadly I won’t get to see this again, as we leave for Kisumu today. I’m looking forward to new adventures though.

Unknown headscarf | H&M man tee | Gina Tricot skirt | Secondhand purse | Lindex sandals

With a major sunburn on my forehead it was a  good occasion to bring out my head scarf. I love the colors of it. I was also flaming red on my shoulders and around my neck, so I wore the tee I had with a narrow neckline. Apart from food poisoning and sunburn, Nairobi is great so far. There are a lot of things to see and experience here, and the warm climate is perfect for a summer-loving person like me. Friday we’re heading over to Kisumu, which I look forward to. I’ve never seen Lake Victoria before, which is the largest lake in Africa.

Pictures by me

I’m in Nairobi, for the second time. This time to study intercultural communication. The last few weeks I’ve been working my ass off with assignments and travel preparations. A couple of days ago I was finally done, packed my bag and came here with my class.

Yesterday we went to Kibera, the second largest slum in Africa, where more than a million people live in extreme poverty. Though the people live under such circumstanses I also experienced a lot of joy and laughter there. But there was also sadness.

I’ve been changing the last year, and been feeling a lot on how this blog can’t continue to just be about fashion anymore, as that don’t completely reflect who I am. I was for a long time concidering to quit. But I figured that I find a lot of value in sharing. So it is time to share something different. Therefore I will more often present to you another one of my passions, which is photography, in addition to fashion. I hope you will enjoy that as well.

Cubus necklaces | H&M suede jacket

Close-up of two 2013 favorites, shot some time during spring. The suede jacket is a treasure from 2009, but I started wearing it for real this year. The necklaces have followed many of my outfits this year. I’m kind of addicted to how good they look together, and want to wear them with everything. So typical me, to overwear something for a period of time, neglecting to rotate with the other stuff I have.

Carlings leather jacket | Monki neon top | H&M jumpsuit | Secondhand belt | Zara boots  | Pieces purse

An old look I’m pretty sure never got posted here. Sometimes a hint of neon is what you need to brighten up an all black look. It’s not the first and probably not the last picture I take here, in front of the cathedral in Kristiansand. I love the texture of the walls, with its moss green spots, and the old dark brown doors that can be found on all sides of the building. I’m in general a huge fan of any old building with history to it.

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